Saturday, September 20, 2014

last Darcy Journalling page..

I have really enjoyed taking part in Darcy's journalling pages over on the Paperartsy blog.  Each month has been something new to try, perhaps something (well, ok, usually something) that I wouldn't have done - but, its good to push the boundaries and sometimes you find something that you really like when you initially thought you wouldn't. To be honest, there have been a couple of things I wouldn't try again, but, on the whole I have widened my technique horizons a lot! so thank you Darcy for pushing me to my limits and for all the inspiration over the last 8 months…

This is my take on the last pages:-

ok, so for the full range of details, pop on over to Darcy's post.

The background is created with fibralo pens, and something that I will definitely do again, I didn't have the brick stamp to create the edges but used Darcy's brick stamp from EDY10 - the tree - well….. I can't draw, I've said it numerous times, and when I try it goes weird!!! lol so I decided to do the trunk and get the paintbrush and paint and go for it…. the bad bits are covered over with the leaves anyway!! the leaves are an old stamp - its acrylic, I don't think you should use paints with them?? anyway, I did and it stuck to my finger lovely so that I could get into all those awkward places you can't with an acrylic block! iykwim? rofl xx my die cut leaves have my fav techniques on, so they consist of:- using crackle glaze, stencil with paint and the bump technique, using fibralo pens, grunge paste thro' and stencil and a stencil pushed into grunge paste, resist, brayered, masterboard left overs from previous page, mixing paint, layering 3 colours, paint and then stamp in same colour over, all held in place with my little apples and leaves.

Darcy I have really enjoyed all your pages - thank you for sharing and all the hard work that went into each and every page….love them all xx

TFL xx


Karen Gist said...

Oh my dear friend...what are you like? That is one very gorgeous tree that you have painted!!!!! I love all its branches and the different leaves you have put on it too xxx

Darcy UK said...

It's a fab tree, stop beating yourself up. you did a great job and it has been brilliant to have you playing along. Maybe next year i will come back with a few more pages, in the meantime KEEP PLAYING. Love your choice of techniques for the leaves and the apples are great.

Susan Carol said...

I think your tree is great and your page has come out really well - love it.

Janet said...

Terrific pages Carol, great tree