Saturday, May 31, 2008

...just wanted to share.........

my little piece of heaven................
It still needs a bit of work, some piccies to go on the wall (and my telly!!) and I'm thinking of having some sort of board on the wall for my current fav's. I still need to get some more storage too!! grief where does it all come from?? the craft fairies I think!! lolxx - I've also sorted out several boxes of bits to go to ebay! sell and spend!! lolxx

and the little bit I left for Steve!! roflxx
TFL xx

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tag you're it - Our house

Its Thursday and I've just managed it!! lolxx Here's my tag for this week......

Its also one of the first pieces created in my new space! Yep, I'm finally in my own craft "room" I'm calling it my room since 95% of the space is mine!! lolxx just let the OH have a corner for his PC!! lolxx Its so fantastic having everything at hand - I just love being up here in my space, and my lappie is on tap too, so I just swivel and there's the net ..... just heavenly..........see, everything does come to those that wait!! lolxx
Off to see the new Indiana Jones movie with the kids (well mini adults!!! roflxx) later. TFL xx

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

NJ's "Thingy" swap............., well thats what NJ called them!! and here they are!

two posts in one day! good grief, guess who's on holiday this week!! lolxx

TFL xx

Dans ma maison il y a couleur verte....

Here's my attempt for this weeks challenge........just loving this house shape....tfl xx

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tag you're it

.....this weeks theme was "pretty and femine" not sure if I like this tag! here it is tho'

I did manage to make a few other things at the weekend, like an inchie for Inch by Inch and a Paris gothic arch, but, when I went to load them on site there was another theme for the week!! lolxx I'm off next week so perhaps I can keep up with some other challenge blogs!

Ohhh must share, next week I'm actually getting a craft room - and I really can't wait, at the moment I have to get everything out and then put it away at the beginning/end of each session, sometimes I get lazy and leave it on the worksurface in the kitchen!!! (and at the end of the kitchen, and on the bureau in the hall (and unbeknown to OH I've also knicked the cupboards which are under the stairs in the hall!! lolxx) I think that's why my OH has decided its time to have my own space!! lolxx In all honesty I think the only time we see the worksurface at the other end of the kitchen is at Christmas when I have to clear it all away to make room for party goodies etc!! lolxx anyway I'm well excited!!


Thursday, May 15, 2008

just made it...

Why do I always start these challenge blog weeks off with good intentions, end up not doing any and then squeezing in at the last minute for those that I do? lolxx

Anyway, over on Tag you're It the challenge for the week was black and gold - I love black! so had to have a go and there are my efforts.
There are two of them since I had a notion to emboss gold onto gold and whilst I was at it decided to try and see what the black looked like! I ended up liking both so here you are! although, I must say that the photography leaves an awful lot to be desired!! lolxx there are gold swirls on the black card too, I think that you can just about make them out!!

I've also made some more inchies! I know thats really different for me isn't it!! lolxx anyway, guess what the theme was for these ones.....
...if you said Numbers you'd be right!! lolxx


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

...come into my garden.........

It always feels like there should be a link after that, like...said the spider to the fly!! lolxx

Anyway, upon trying something new!! well we all have to try don't we, I came up with this, the theme for the swap was "Come into my garden!".

I must share this tho', but, I suspect that you lot already know - I have found the most scrummy embossing powders ever! they are made by cosmic shimmer and they are the ultra thick ones........ how luxurious, deeply scrummy and totally devine are they? I really do need them all.....lolxx

Over on the forum I visit, Mandy posted an image and challenged us all to create 3 ATC's using it - well, I made the three and added one for Mandy as a hostess gift....

and lastly, but, not least,
Over on Joannes blog this month the theme for the Inchie swap is "Romantic liasions" and here are my inchies.....I found this one really difficult, perhaps because instead of being able to use part of images and stamps I found that I needed a bit more stamp?

Thanks to all of you who visit my blog and for the lovely comments I really appreciate them.

TFL xx

Monday, May 5, 2008

Tag you're It - moo card!

Well the challenge for week 5 over on Tag you're it was "Moo Tag" - here's my effort! TFLxx

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Tag You're It!

The challenge this week was to use Slide Mounts/Picture slides - here's my attempt! tfl xx