Thursday, April 10, 2014

how shameful….

is this:-

but now its:-

(Ty is happy now he has space, and his bed back - wasn't keen on being demoted to the landing for the morning)

and all because we're having fibre fitted tomorrow and guess where the flipping socket is…. oh yes right under my working desk!!! lol

Just hope Josh doesn't want to pop home tomorrow.

BTW I now have a lot of craft items for sale, stamps, papers, gilding waxes, rub ons etc if anyone is interested inbox me…

TFL xx


Traceyr said...

WOW Carol you have been a busy bee. But new internet is worth it and think, you'll have first use of it if it is right under you desk hahahaha

Have a great weekend. x x


hotpotato said...

Carole had to laugh at those first two photos, it made me feel better when I opened the door to my craft room.........your transformation is amazing what have you done with it all????? You must have tons for sale, can't you list and put photos on here or on the FB Craft For Sale page.

Karen Gist said...

hahahahaha the top photos could have been taken here!!!!!! Add a pile of ironing and it would be complete! You have done such an amazing tidy job that you deserve a weekend away.....down here to do mine :-D HUGS xxx

karen barker said...

Your room looks great. Nice to see all those lovey creations on the wall.

Coco said...

Hi Carol, also find very nice to see all your beautiful makes on the wall, that's great and I'd love doing the same! The rest was not so bad even before your tidy job I think haha!! But that's looks even better after, right... especially for your lovely dog. Hugs xxx