Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tag you're it

.....this weeks theme was "pretty and femine" not sure if I like this tag! here it is tho'

I did manage to make a few other things at the weekend, like an inchie for Inch by Inch and a Paris gothic arch, but, when I went to load them on site there was another theme for the week!! lolxx I'm off next week so perhaps I can keep up with some other challenge blogs!

Ohhh must share, next week I'm actually getting a craft room - and I really can't wait, at the moment I have to get everything out and then put it away at the beginning/end of each session, sometimes I get lazy and leave it on the worksurface in the kitchen!!! (and at the end of the kitchen, and on the bureau in the hall (and unbeknown to OH I've also knicked the cupboards which are under the stairs in the hall!! lolxx) I think that's why my OH has decided its time to have my own space!! lolxx In all honesty I think the only time we see the worksurface at the other end of the kitchen is at Christmas when I have to clear it all away to make room for party goodies etc!! lolxx anyway I'm well excited!!



Sam Morris said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS Carol!! Love it all, so pretty and feminine yet bold and colourful, wonderful composition :)

Thanks so much for taking part again :)

Oh and woohoo for the craft room :D Great news!!

Femmy said...

lovely tag!!!

Penny said...

It's SO pretty and definately very feminine!

How exciting about your new craft room - I bet you'll have it filled up in no time and the good thing is you can leave it messy and shut the door! brilliant!

Anne said...

LOL!! Brilliant news on the Craft Room front - is it upstairs or downstairs? Awww... even if you missed the deadline, I'd still love to see your inchies and gothic arch! Your tag is gorgeous!! Everything you do is gorgeous so why you wouldn't like it I don't know??? Seriously, it's really, really pretty and really feminine and I love that BG paper! Yum!!! Thanks so much for playing along again Carol - you're a star! ;o) xx

LazyKay said...

Lovely tag - I like it if you don't!

Congratulations on getting your craft room, I'm still in the hallway :-(


Janny said...


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Aaaaahhhhhhhhh !

I like I like .....