Tuesday, May 13, 2008

...come into my garden.........

It always feels like there should be a link after that, like...said the spider to the fly!! lolxx

Anyway, upon trying something new!! well we all have to try don't we, I came up with this, the theme for the swap was "Come into my garden!".

I must share this tho', but, I suspect that you lot already know - I have found the most scrummy embossing powders ever! they are made by cosmic shimmer and they are the ultra thick ones........ how luxurious, deeply scrummy and totally devine are they? I really do need them all.....lolxx

Over on the forum I visit, Mandy posted an image and challenged us all to create 3 ATC's using it - well, I made the three and added one for Mandy as a hostess gift....

and lastly, but, not least,
Over on Joannes blog this month the theme for the Inchie swap is "Romantic liasions" and here are my inchies.....I found this one really difficult, perhaps because instead of being able to use part of images and stamps I found that I needed a bit more stamp?

Thanks to all of you who visit my blog and for the lovely comments I really appreciate them.

TFL xx


Penny said...

Hi Carol, you've been very busy - gorgeous arch, the UTEE looks fab, really great texture. Love the inchies too!

Sorry I haven't replied to your question...the gold ep is by Stewart Gill. I find it a very nice fine quality.

Anne said...

Wow!!! OMG, you HAVE been busy!! Your arch is absolutely divine - I gasped when your blog opened up! I adore your ATC's - the backgrounds are wonderful and the images adorable! As for your inchies - they are sooooo neat and perfect!! I love them - what happens with them now? How do you swap them? Fantasic work Carol - I'm really loving the stuff you're doing! xx

LazyKay said...

Love the garden arch, really just like the gardens and hedgerows atm.

Great ATCs and inchies too.