Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

to you all - and I hope that 2013 is filled with much love, happiness and good fortune for you all.  I also wish you all a successful year as you all continue on your creative journey...one that I hope reaches many peaks, although we all find loss of mojo and a few pieces that don't quite work along the way!

2012 was not too bad on a personal note - we all stayed intact with no major incidents, something which we hadn't managed to do for a few years! a couple of minor catastrophes but nothing major.  The crafting front was ok nothing new to report - I did start to dabble into art journalling tho' which I thoroughly enjoyed and hope to do more this year.

2013 I hope to make a few changes to my life and my crafting.  I'm having a major sort out of my crafting supplies, anything not used for the last year are on their way out! I'm also heading for a big "0" birthday this year and am determined to be fit and fifty not fat and fifty! lol so thats a major hurdle to achieve I tell you.....especially since stopping smoking, 13 years ago today, I've turned to food as a comfort.  I've also been asked by Vanessa at Papermaze to do some regular classes so watch this space as I intend to push you all to your limits! lol

So, onwards and upwards lets get this year going....Happy New Year to you all xx

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karen said...

happy new year i look forwrd to seeing all your projects this year