Monday, January 2, 2012

January 2nd 2012!

Happy New Year to you all, may 2012 bring you all much love, happiness and success!

I did do a long New Year's post littered with pictures from throughout 2011 but, Mr Blogger had other ideas  and wiped off all my photos and then bits of text then wouldn't let me do anything!   So,I'll do a shortened version with no piccies - its so easy to focus on the negatives of each passing year, Josh being so poorly, Steve starting off the year ill, Dad being ill, the loss of my very dear Nan.....but, looking back 2011 did have some good points too....February off to see my hero, Tim Holtz - I was the first one to talk to him that morning, he got out of the car with Mario and another man (can't remember his name but someone big in Ranger!!! rofl) anyway, he wasn't the point of interest!! I said good morning to my hero and my legs buckled like some besotted school girl!! roflx anyway, that class, a once in a lifetime opportunity for me, was just fantastic!! Josh had his op, ok, more evasive than we hoped, but, he's got his life back!! he's at uni fending for himself! and that was three weeks after his op and previously spending every waking moment in bed in extreme, I'm going to focus on the good points of 2011 and hope that 2012 will bring highs as well as lows!!

As its the start of a new month, Tando Creative have a new challenge....this month the theme is:-


here is my piece:-

Boy was it hard to just use white....(ok, I cheated and a little bit of blue sneaked in!! lol).  The base is a Tando Printers tray which was painted white....I always adhere my "cut out layers" first and then paint them, this time I wanted to hang a bead capsule from one of them, so I adhered a jump ring (after painting it) in between the layers as I stuck them together, once everything was painted I adhered them together.  the legs and frame were given a coat of rock candy distress stickles just to add a bit of sparkle and texture.  The swirl at the bottom is tando, painted white with crackle then white again, wasn't sure how this would turn out but it did crack really nicely, a tim rosette made from copy paper and hi-lighted with a gel pen was added along with a rolled flower.....the heart is a tando piece, painted white with a clay word added (white clay) and a small gem, the butterfiles were stamped onto grungepaper and then painted with white distress stain - and then the cheat, a slight, very slight, edging with blue!! lolx charms and painted emphemera finish it all off.....must say that this is one of my fav pieces so far...

Do pop on over to the challenge blog.....Kaz has a gorgeous mirror, which will soon be up as an on-line class displayed....if you get a chance join in the challenge, you don't have to use Tando products in your piece, but, if you do you'll get two chances to win some fab tando products of your choice.

TFL xx


Janet said...

Happy New Year Carol
love your printers tray,see you soon
Janet x

Karen said...

Hi my lovely! Your Ice White piece is just lovely and I know what you mean about how hard it is to do haha!!!

2012 is going to be a far better year for you and yours, hugs xxxxx

Hazel said...

I saw your ice white creation on Tando - it's absolutely gorgeous. Happy New Year - hope it has something good in store for you. x

hotpotato said...

Happy New Year Carol, love the tray.

Angelnorth said...

Hope 2012 has more highlights than lowlights - Happy New Year! Lovely white piece, looks great with all the different textures going on!

tracy said...

(jaw drops!) how amazing is that carol-i'm not surprised thats your favorite piece:)
hope 2012 is good to you and yours xx

Traceyr said...

oh wow Carol that Ice Printer's tray is beautiful. You are very clever.

Hope 2012 is full of good things for you and the family. x


Anne said...

Happy New Year (again!!) Carol! Just reacquainting myself with blogger once more and trying to see what everyone's been up to and I can see you've been really busy! Love, love, LOVE this white piece! Sigh.... just so gorgeous!

I hope 2012 goes perfectly for you and all the bad bits of 2011 just fade away to leave you just your lovely memories!
Hugs to you all XXX

Janice said...

Looks great Carol. Wishing you and your family a very healthy and happy New Year.

Di said...

What a fabulous piece Carol, I'm not surprised it's one of your faves.

I hope 2012 is a good one for you my deserve a change of fortune xxx

marsella said...

nice blog. thank you for sharing the information... great job ! bravo...!!! :-)

Sue aka Greyhound Lover said...

Happy New Year Carol xx

Fantastic printer tray, hope I get to see it IRL.

Like your idea on concentrating on the good bits! So pleased Josh is going from strength to strenght. Hoping 2012 is kinder to us both xx

karen said...

Great printers tray, loks like the theme of all white is rather difficult. Keep up the inspiring work. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

maggie warke said...

Beautiful printers tray! how amazing is just white!, Happy new year
x Maggie