Saturday, October 8, 2011


So, where have I been?

My son was diagnosed with Crohns back in March and over the last two years has spent long periods of time in hospital. The last few months he has been very ill and the end result was that he had his colon removed last week.  He now has a stoma bag fitted.  He came home this week and is doing very well both physically and mentally and is hoping to go off to Uni really soon.  He is exceptionally underweight and we are now in the process of finding out what suits and what doesn't!!

My daughter also celebrated her 21st yesterday.  Hopefully she had a good day and enjoyed her present!! although, our family meal was ruined by the restuarant which was a real shame,but, hey these things happen!!

So, with it being the 8th October, I've not told you about the wonderful theme over at Tando this month, which being October, had to be Hallowe'en.....make anything you like on the theme and if you use Tando product's you're entered into the draw for the goodies twice.  The prize is really worth winning as you get to choose your own selection of tando goodies - how fab is that! pop on over and take a look.

Also, I've also missed telling you about Kathy's waffle sketch file and the fab new sketch over pop on over and give it a go.

I've photographed my pieces for each of these but just not had the chance to download them, I will do soon,

TFL xx


Sue aka Greyhound Lover said...

Really really hope now Josh has had his op, that life can finally start being kind to you an your family Carol! and Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter xxx

Ginger said...

Crikey, poor Josh, what a worry for you and what a lot for him to cope with. Hopefully now life will get better x.

Karen said...

I am so pleased that Josh has had his op now and can start having some 'normality' in his life. Now is the time for you to relax (if you can) and start having some much needed 'me' time my lovely. Here for you, HUGS xxx

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to drop you a note about my husband. he had his large colon removed in 1979 followed by emergancy surgery in 1986 that removed most of his small colon. He lived on four feet of intestines until his death in May of this year. While the surgery seems hard to bear right now it should improve the quality of life your son can now look forward too. blessings on your family