Sunday, June 22, 2014

Darcy's Paperartsy Journal Pages

Cor what lovely weather we are having - just hope it lasts the entire summer! 

I have just finished Darcy's journalling pages for June…

the pages look really bland here - but they took shed loads of work!! lolxx

I thought I'd be clever (doesn't pay!) and make all my elements, before sizing up the pages etc… so off I went - stamped my tissue paper, painted my cardstock and stamped using a stamp borrowed from Janet (Thanks Janet), didn't have the window so took a sizzix arch, drew on it and then cut it out before painting and using crackle glaze….didn't fancy the paper casting (Sorry Darcy) so I decided to dig out my molds and clay and make an urn for my flower, a flower head, a wheel and my phrase "grow art" once these had dried I then painted them with fresco paints, and added treasure gold.  The leaves were stamped and cut out and then the wheelbarrow - I didn't have the relevant paper so used corrugated card instead - drew on the back not thinking about the direction of the when barrow!! lol… so with my elements ready I started on the pages.

This is the left hand side page - I love my urn, I know my flower is top heavy - but, who cares??? lolxx  I think my window could do with being slightly larger, but, to be honest I'm quite impressed with it!! lol (I can't draw anything and to do those squares !!! rofl xx)

This is the left side - I love using stencils and paints and really enjoyed creating this side - my wheelbarrow didn't look too bad either - unfortunately I didn't check the size of my tags with my wheelbarrow ummm so they are slightly top heavy…. 

The word grow was stencilled using one of the kids old stencils I found when cleaning out the old cupboard I did buy some of the new Caran d'ache fibralo pens which I'm still learning to use, both tags have these pens used on them - I did have a slight accident here - after I had coloured my background and adhered the tissue paper and text paper I added my fibralo pens - I didn't like the way it looked so decided to add more water using a water droplet - I took the lid off my water bottle and promptly spilt it right across my desk soaking my tag! fortunately it did dry ok - just a little warped that will teach me hey!..……I did make a little wallet for one of the tags but it was slightly too big for my wheelbarrow

This month I have had fun playing with my new fibralo pens which I'm sure will get loads of use - have used crumpled up stamped tissue paper to make a textured base and my favourite element this month was the ripped up paper for the edges - really like this look and have already used it on another project.

I have also learnt another lesson - size matters!!!! lol xx

Can't wait until next week when the next pages are announced I really love playing along with this challenge - Its like attending a class at home in your own time - great fun…

Thank You Darcy.


Darcy UK said...

yay good to see you playing along again. My tags are a little big for my wheelbarrow too, but making them smaller would have made them too small to use, and at the end of the day it really doesn't matter. Great job on your window!!!

I spill water all the time, usually when the pot is totally full and dirty lol

Karen Gist said...

Gosh Carol! There really is a ton of work here! Your pages don't look bland to me at all and I can only imagine the gorgeous textures you have going on there! xxx

Janet said...

Great pages Carol, love the urn & the fibralo pens are fab thanks for getting mine for me
Janet x

Alison said...

Fantastic spread Carol! Love the colours!
Alison x