Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Why is it that photographs never really show the depth of colour or the way the piece actually looks in rl?

Take this:-

IRL its really pretty - its got loads of texture and colour and the text stands out really well, and the picket fence stickles looks really white! yet, no matter how I photograph it, in the light, out of the light, still looks slightly naff!! I think that my news years resolution will be to have camera lessons!! roflxx

Each month at the crop one of us (6 take part) challenges the others to create using the given objects....November was Nancy with this arrow.....theme bling or rockets....and then for December, Janina gave us some wooden hanging things!! lolx

Next door has all their christmas decos up so Christmas must be coming..............

TFL xx


Cath Wilson said...

I think this looks great - although I can understande your frustration. It's so hard to get a good, realistic photo or even a scan! I played with the image and lightened the mid tones a bit for you but when I tried to send it, it was rejected by your server. Sorry - but I really wouldn't worry about it too much - everyone's monitor is different anyway, so we all see different variations. Lovely work x

Gez said...

Totally gorgeous Carol.xx You can certainly see lots of beautiful colour and depth. It is soooo frustrating tho I know! Enjoy the swap..xx

Janet said...

I've seen your arrow in RL it is gorgeous,(hope I get it in the swap).Not even started my wooden things yet.
Janet x

Sue aka Greyhound Lover said...

Bet it's stunning IRL Carol, looks pretty fab in the photo!

Anonymous said...

Hey Carol, I completely agree, sometimes pictures are just an unfair depiction of the real thing >.< but you don't need a great picture to tell if something is great looking in person or not, we can fill in the blanks and it looks just fine. My blog is all about everyday images, if you ever have time, come visit =D