Friday, December 31, 2010


to you all and wishing you all good health and happiness in 2011!

As many of you are aware 2010 hasn't been the best of years for our household! with sickness, accidents and general misfortune playing a big part of it.  I've been racking my brains to think of some lovely times and have found a few - in May attending the Artsycrafts weekend with Ang - that was a fab weekend and learnt so much and got to play with so many different things that event started my big adventure with viva decor products!! also, on Monday a dear friend got married - someone who has really been an inspiration to me and whose sense of always feeling grateful for small mercies really brings me back down to earth!!  Also, spending days cropping (well I don't crop do I!) with my friends, having a laugh, sharing a woe or two, enjoying their company - a real pleasure.  I have been lucky to teach at papermaze and crafts and candlelight - I really enjoy emparting my knowledge, however limited, and seeing others "just go for it" and expand their confidence to try new things.

So, amongst the rubbish some nice things to focus on.

Unfortunately, there is some sad news to impart as we leave 2010 and start on 2011 - I have decided to close down SCD.  I would like to Thank the dt - past and present, Guest designers and everyone who played along - especially those that joined us at day 1 and still participate today.  I would also like to thank all those that sponsored us for our 1st birthday - there was some gorgeous candy generously donated - a BIG Thank You for that.  Also, to those that participated in the swaps - I was very lucky to see all of the swaps entered and there were some gorgeous ones - so, Thank You very much for those.  Your continued support really made a difference - so Thank You to each and everyone of you.

No crafting pieces today - but, good wishes to you all for a Very Happy New Year and wish you and all your families a healthy and happy 2011...xx


Zoechaos said...

Happy New Year to you with the hope that you walk into 2011 leaving your troubles on the threshold. Will miss SCD its been a lot of fun and has made many friends we still have those and fond memories XOXO Zoe

Karen said...

I am so pleased that you found some happy memories for 2010 my lovely, hang on to those.

Although I haven't participated in SCD for a while I will miss having a look at what you have done with the themes. But I understand how life gets in the way.

You take care & I want 2011 to be so much better for you all, HUGS XXX

Pia said...

so sorry that scd are clousing but i wish you a Happy New year.
big hugs Pia

karen said...

i know that 2010 has been really tough year for you and the family, but you have managed to get through it with determination and courage. Most would have had a melt down by now. Its a shame your closing SCD and i was looking forward to the new fortnightly format, but life at times takes over. You have inspired us all to try somrthing different and experiment with mew mediums THANKYOU love karenxx

Nat said...

WIshing you a brighter and happier new year for 2011 my lovely. Hope you all had a lovely chistmas. Big hugs xxxx

Paula said...

Here's wishing you and yours a happier,healthier and kinder New Year x

Traceyr said...

Carol I really do hope that 2011 is a positive year for you and your family. You deserve it. Lots of love Traceyr


Sandra's Spot said...

Hi Carol, I am sorry to read that SCD is closing, I will really miss it. I would like to wish you a very happy new year. Also a big thank you for your encouragement over the last 4 or 5 months. You are truly talented and an inspiration. XX

Von said...

My first time here on your blog and although I didn't join in SCD challenge I did enjoy looking at the amazing creations.
whishing you a happy new year and getting to know you better
Von x