Friday, June 13, 2008

Torso's mark 2!

Ever since I can remember I have had this habit of not reading things properly! I skim thro' instructions and the like and am usually ok! However, there are times when I've made a complete and utter hash of things, and unfortunately, my torsos (mk 1) have fallen into this category! They should have been ATC sized!! so, with limited time I've copied the bigger torsos and made smaller ones!! and here they are:-

..its very dark here today and the photo could have done with better lighting (or should that be a better photographer??)
Have you noticed my "embellishment" of the day/week/month has still managed to get in there!! I just adore those fusible film butterflies, I've run out now so guess what tonights job will be??....where's that iron?.......lolxx

Thank you all for looking at my blog and for the really lovely comments - I really appreciate


Mandy C said...

fab torsos

anne said...

Lovely torsos, Caz!!

Anonymous said...

great work Caz.
lol seems Im not the only one who doesnt read things properly...hint:My little houses lol

Anne said...

Carol these are absolutely wonderful - I loved your first set too. You've put a lot of work into these and it's obvious that you've really enjoyed making them - I love them to bits!!! xx

Zuzu's Blog said...

aha! these look the right size lol.. gorgeous... Its a shame they are all off to Germany ..and not on their way to me.. still there are the OTHER torsos YAY!!!