Tuesday, November 20, 2007

How Bizarre!!

I love art deco and especially Clarice Cliffe. The colours, the patterns, just so lovely...... so when posed with what theme to choose for a 4cm2 challenge what else??? must say it did start the "what's the difference between art deco and art nouveau?" debate.
So, here are my attempts. Each square is based on a Clarice Cliffe Bizzare pattern copied from one of my books - well, I say copied, shall we say with my drawing abilities, lightly based!! lolxx TFL


Zuzu's Blog said...

OO very claris cliff'y well done ..

I love them and lovely and vibrant too !

LazyKay said...


lottie said...

ooo Yes - and you had a book to copy from too. Brilliant - nice happy colours

I bet you enjoyed doing them - I did mine.

Nat said...

Oooh beautiful!! And oh oh oh!! We looked at deco and art nouveau (?sp lol) when I was at college and I "think", if I remember rightly, art deco was more graphical whilst art nouveau was based on more flowing free forms and nature.

Fab to see some of your Scrapping too! Sian looked beautiful on her night.

I think my email is up and running ok now too, touch wood! xxxxx

Greensleeves said...

Beautiful and very inspired! So full of colour and light!